One-stop resource event for students

U-Turn, hosted from 2010 to 2022, was a one-stop-shop academic resource event for students interested in improving their grades and overall success at CSU. Students who receive at least one “not yet meeting course expectations” notification through the Early Performance Feedback program receive an invitation to U-Turn, although all students are welcome to attend.

***For Fall 2023, there will be no U-turn event. Information about future U-turn events will be shared soon!***


The purpose of U-Turn is to provide resources and support to all students seeking to improve their academic performance, but particularly those students identified as not yet meeting course expectations through the Early Performance Feedback initiative.

Overview of U-Turn Event

U-Turn is offered around the seventh week of the fall and spring semester. Students attending U-Turn are asked to complete a self-assessment, and their responses on the self-assessment guide their coaching conversation with a U-Turn Navigator. U-Turn Navigators are CSU staff volunteers who meet 1-1 with U-Turn attendees to develop an action plan for success. After meeting with their assigned Navigator, students are able attend academic workshops or connect with various CSU resource representatives at the event.

Full-time, first-year students who received a “not yet meeting course expectations” notification and attended U-Turn demonstrated higher persistence and lower academic probation rates compared to students who did not attend the event.

Student Feedback Regarding U-Turn Event

U-Turn was an amazing event. I got the help I needed and was able to really connect with my Navigator without having any issues or misunderstandings whatsoever. I would highly recommend this event to other students who are struggling academically.

I made goals and plans to reach those goals. It was a good experience for me and I’m glad I went.

Speaking with the Navigator released so much built up anxiety and stress. It definitely put me on track for success. I felt comfortable and comforted by the conversation. My Navigator also provided me with many different resources that I was unaware of but has already helped immensely.

I feel more comfortable with how I need to approach my study habits and feel more confident as I know that I need to look at my studying as effective studying not just learning material.

U-Turn Partners

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