Mid-Semester Courses

Courses designed to help student recover credits and stay on track for timely graduation

The mid-semester course initiative supports students that have dropped a course during the first part of the semester to be able to stay on track with the number of credits earned at the end of the semester. These courses are intentionally designed to be smaller, foster a sense of community, and integrate academic success strategies as part of the course instruction.  


The purpose of mid-semester courses is to offer students the opportunity to regain credits that are lost because of withdrawing from other courses during the semester. Recouping credits is an important option for students to stay on track for timely graduation and may also help students retain satisfactory academic performance for financial aid purposes.

Mid-Semester Course Timeline

Mid-semester courses begin at the eighth week of the term and include courses in the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Natural Sciences. All students are eligible to register for mid-semester courses, but intentional outreach is conducted to encourage students who have withdrawn from courses and dropped below 15 credits earlier in the semester to explore course options. Advisors and student support contacts are also provided information about the mid-semester course registration process to share with students.

Mid-Semester Course Partners