Progress Reports

Grade reports for students in designated support programs

Progress Reports provide detailed grade feedback for students affiliated with select support programs at CSU.


The purpose of the Progress Reports initiative is to provide comprehensive feedback regarding a student’s progress in courses to designated student support contacts on campus. The instructor feedback enables CSU support contacts to facilitate informed and meaningful conversations with students about their academic progress and promotes student achievement through early intervention efforts.

Overview of Progress Reports Initiative

CSU support programs including Athletics, Key Communities, select Community for Excellence Programs, and the Academic Advancement Center request grade reports for students in their communities from instructors through the EAB Navigate system around the fifth week of the semester. Students in these programs grant permission to the programs to request grade feedback from instructors on their behalf. Student Progress Campaigns request lots of course performance details for a small select group of students. Support network contacts in the selected communities meet with students to review Progress Report feedback and discuss next steps.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of participating in the Progress Report initiative, students will be able to: 1. Reflect on academic progress 2. Develop self-awareness about behaviors, strengths, and habits contributing to academic success 3. Identify relevant resources to support academic success

Programs involved in the Progress Report initiative use campaign data to create programming for students and training for students staff, develop mentoring and tutoring resources, inform plans to scaffold student support, and identify policies impacting student success at CSU.

Progress Reports Partners